Validation Studies


Shelf-life is required to be scientifically substantiated. This involves testing either in real time or via accelerated means, under controlled conditions to determine the shelf-life of your product. Shelf-life links sensory parameters with physical and microbiological parameters including both pathogen and spoilage organisms specific to your food product.

CereusSA can assist you with designing a suitable matrix of testing in order to validate the shelf-life in line with international standards and best practices. For assistance please contact CereusSA and let us assist you with the determination of your shelf-life.


Food manufacturing processes are required to be validated in order to prove that the process line and specific systems are able to perform the function they are designed for.

This may involve the following:

  • Allergen Management Program
  • Cleaning Program
  • CCPs and OPRPs

All of these systems require a scientific approach to determine that the defined program is able to eliminate the risk to the final product.

CereusSA can assist in the structure of the validation studies which complies to international certification standards. Should you require this, please contact CereusSA through the website and we will gladly assist you in implementing suitable validation and verification programs for your manufacturing organisation.

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