Internal Auditing

Impartiality is the name of the game when performing internal audits of your food safety system. CereusSA offers to conduct these internal audits based on a score sheet incorporating both HACCP and FSSC 22000 standards. This internal audit will cover the entire value chain from supplier quality assurance through to your distribution network, addressing all areas in between.

The results of this audit will be reported back in the form of a score sheet and a list of non-conformances which can be addressed in your own non-conformance and corrective action system. The value of an internal audit being conducted in this manner is that another pair of eyes is able to assess your facility to a standard which enables an unbiased opinion on the state of your facility and system.

Should you wish to conduct an internal audit in this manner, please indicate the size of your business, the nature of your products and which audits you are currently undertaking.

Although the internal audit is the best way to see how your audit preparation is going, sometimes you may just require assistance with minor issues or a few policies in preparation for your upcoming audit. In this event, CereusSA will gladly be of assistance whether it be policy and procedure development, or any other aspect you require assistance with.

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